Our newest achievement

High end 5-axis processing center

After three-quarter years of intensive research and comparison of offers, we decided, with the involvement of the future machine operators, to a 5-axis BAZ of the GX series from the company Alzmetall.

From now on we can offer milling and turning operations, in one clamping with up to 5 axes. Using the highest quality tools, we will meet all the requirements that arise in mold-making and mechanical engineering.

To be able to create the extremely complex milling programs including turning, we also had to procure new additional CAM software. There were not many providers that could meet our requirements. Quickly the software Solid CAM became our favorite. The corresponding hardware as a basis ensures optimal program creation.

To ensure that the machine can also be used optimally in mold making, it was necessary to acquire an exchangeable spindle with a higher speed. We decided on a Henninger air turbine with up to 48,000 revolutions. The spindle can be changed automatically via the tool changer. It is thus possible to use the smallest milling cutters under 1mm in diameter.

With an investment of over half a million euros, this is our largest investment to date for a processing machine including peripherals. An important decision to be able to meet future customer requirements.

The results that our competent and well-trained employees will achieve on this new machine will ensure even greater customer satisfaction.