High-grade switch knobs

Gaggenau: A control element for the premium class
By order of the french top-class household manufacturer we are manufacturing a control knob for gas hobs. Due to the slim design we only had a small tolerance to connect all single components with an economic snap fit safely and accurately. The necessary pushing down of the switch handle is accomplished by an integrated coil spring. We could also meet the high requirements on the surface of the design element.

A thoroughly well-designed control element in Ambros Huber-quality.
The manufacturing challenge consists in producing a perfect surface, no matter whether it is high-gloss polished, metal-coated, painted, imprinted, or labelled: The switch knob must be durable and optically perfect. It must further be resistant to high temperatures, household chemicals and aggressive acids as contained in some foodstuffs.
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  • Support or complete development and construction
  • Everything from small quantities to mass production
  • Fully-automatic manufacturing
  • Manufacturing using advanced injection moulding machines
  • Production of two-component parts
  • Finishing processes

Materials used

  • PBT combines properties such as chemical and thermal resistance with advantageous raw material prices
  • PC/ABS is used if the material must lend itself to electro-plating and needs to be resistant to high temperatures
  • PPS boasts high thermal stability
  • Metals are suitable for switch knobs with high requirements in terms of appearance and quality