The drinking bottle of the future

The world's first drinking bottle made of completely pollutant-free plastic! Environmental protection and sustainability are an indispensable aspect of our company.

The company BAYONIX® has developed, in close cooperation with us, a drinking bottle made of a completely non-polluting plastic. Because of the Cradle to Cradle® principle, a mix of materials was a taboo, the tightness of the bottle had to be achieved without an additional seal. BAYONIX® hat, in enger Zusammenarbeit mit uns, eine Trinkflasche aus einem absolut schadstofffreiem Kunststoff entwickelt. Da auf Grund des Cradle to Cradle® Prinzips ein Materialmix Tabu war, musste die Dichtigkeit der Trinkflasche ohne einer zusätzlichen Dichtung erreicht werden.

For the completely newly developed raw material no injection molding parameters were existent and therefore it was necessary to determine these by lengthy practical experiments. Contrary to what one would think, the polymer is not made of renewable raw materials but from petroleum.

The goal set by BAYONIX® has been fully achieved thanks to our know-how. A great success.