Plastics processing

Dedicated to shapes and forms.
For many decades, we have been committed to the production of high-grade plastic parts. With this in mind, we are eager to always keep our expert knowledge up to date with the latest requirements and to create perfect solutions for their implementation. 

A broad range of moulded thermoplastic parts – even in very small batches – can be manufactured in our injection-moulding workshop. You can rely on our long-standing experience. We are able to meet even the most demanding challenges:

High-tech at its best. Our robot and pick-and-place systems provide for fully automatic and cost-effective production. Tray handling systems are an integral part of our production environment. This configuration enables 24/7 operation of our machines to produce any desired number of parts. Mit unseren Roboter- und Entnahmesystemen produzieren wir vollautomatisch und kostengünstig. Das Tray Handling ist in unserem Maschinenpark integriert. Diese Maßnahmen ermöglichen eine Produktion rund um die Uhr in beliebig hohen Stückzahlen.

You name it - we do it. Mixing in additives and colours is part of our service offer. Whatever your colour requirements, we will be pleased to help you. Das Einmischen von Additiven und Farben gehört zu unserem Leistungsangebot dazu. Wir erfüllen gerne Ihre individuellen Farbanforderungen.


Machines with clamping forces of 220 kN - 2000 kN
Thermoplastic resins with weights of 0.1 - 500 g
Mould size 600 mm x 900 mm x 700 mm
Mould weight up to 2,000 kg
Injection-moulded thermoplastic parts
Overmoulding of inserts
2K parts
In-mould decorating/labelling of sheet metal parts