Quality assured

The latest investment in AH are two automatic measuring machines made by Mitutoyo.

In the toolmaking department, a tactile measuring workstation was put into operation. The measuring machine is suitable for the automatic measurement of components and parts of any shape. Incoming goods inspections can now be completed even faster.

In plastics processing, the QS was equipped with an optical measuring machine. Plastic injection molded parts can now be measured automatically during production. Also measurements for ISTR's are even more accurate and extensive possible.

In order to be able to carry out a mixed measurement, tactile / optical, it is possible to transfer the measurement data from one measuring machine to the other.

AH has invested a total of around € 120,000 in the measuring machines. It was clear that savings should not be made in the wrong place in this project. We work consistently with very low reject rates and strive for zero-defect production. In view of such high goals, it is a must to permanently invest in quality and that is ultimately valued and honored by the customers.