Dedicated to quality.
toolmaking is our traditional discipline where we benefit from an expert knowledge which has evolved and been optimised continuously over the years. Since we develop, design, and build all our moulding dies and special dies for the use in our own plastics processing facilities, even complex tasks can be accomplished flexibly and promptly. 

The integration of the injection moulding and assembly workshops provides for absolutely accurate and fine-tuned "one-stop shop" solutions. It goes without saying that we will also be pleased to manufacture any dies you developed or designed in-house.
Ambros Huber – renowned for quality worldwide
Quality control is a core part of our work. Tasks we cannot handle internally are delegated to reliable partners who must comply with the same strict quality standards as we do. Then, the products are double-checked by our in-house quality control team; this also includes final improvements and refinements. 
Our range of products:
To ensure safety for you and any downstream mould users, a custom maintenance plan is of course an integral part of our offer.
Standard hot and cold runner injection moulds
Multi-cavity moulds
Aluminium and steel prototype moulds up to a plate size of 800 x 800 mm
Moulds for insert injection moulding
in-mould decorating/labelling
Rubber compression moulds
Multi-component moulds, 2K moulds
Deep-drawing moulds
and much more
Overview of our production range
Deep-drawing tools
Injection moulds
Aluminium and steel prototype moulds
CNC turning parts
Rubber compression moulds
CNC milling parts
Our machines
CNC and HSC milling machines
CNC lathes
Electric discharge machines
Grinding machines
Machining specifications
Plate sizes up to 1000 mm x 1000 mm
Machining paths up to 1000 mm
Workpiece weights up to 700 kg