Our A-Light S in South America

Excursion to Bolivia


In the Complejo Solar in Oruro Bolivia (promoted by Intersol (registered association) Salzburg “A-light S”- kits (http://www.a-lights.de) are mounted and partly photovoltaic-moduls are produced in own production. On the one hand, the technical understanding shall be promoted with respect to photovoltaic and electronics and by the sale of the lamps with photovoltaic-moduls income by self assembly shall be generated. In rural areas with an insufficient and often not the slightest electrical supply the “A-light S”-lamp shall improve the quality of life and increase the work safety of  natives with its excellent illumination. Furthermore the waste is avoided by conventional batteries and inferior accumulators by the concept “A-ligh S” with Li-Ion accumulators. The restricted communication shall be improved by the possibility of operating radios and the reloading of mobile telephones by means of the “A-light S” fundamentally.

The drinking bottle of the future

The world's first drinking bottle made of completely pollutant-free plastic!

Environmental protection and sustainability are an indispensable aspect...

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Process-safe gluing

With our CNC dosing system, we can offer process-reliable bonding for a wide range of industrial sectors. Gluing is a very material-friendly...

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Purchasing new laser system

The laser system "Big Smarky" opens up new possibilities for labeling as well as 2D / 3D laser engraving of metals and plastics in the house AH. It...

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