Solar lamp "A-Light S" our latest innovation!

Solar Lamp "A-Light S" - self developed, self-made, high quality "Made in Germany".

Solarlampe "A-Light S"

Solarlampe "A-Light S"

The "A-Light S" ( is a completely new designed solar lamp "Made in Germany" with the latest equipment. A high-power LED is controlled by a subtle electronics and powered by a Li-ion battery power. As a result the LED provides an unexpected excellent luminance, switchibale in three stages of brightness. The solar lamp will be charged from a powerful solar module. If the sun does not shine an accessory power charger will be at disposal.

Even charging of mobile phones is possible, from the solar lamp as well as directly from the solar module. The “A-Light S” is compatible with many mobile phones without any problems. With a suitable adaptor kit many other electronic devices can be charged such as cameras or portable radios.

The housing is made ​​of a very durable plastics and is extremely resistant and robust. The cap of the lamp is white-transparent and also modified with a light-scattering color. Therefore a very good illumination can be achieved with only one LED. A built-in hanger allows to change the floor lamp into a hanging lamp without any efforts. The attractive design is final touch.

Whether you use  the "A-Light S" as a flashlight, as a camping light, as a cottage light or as a emergency lamp in case of power blackouts - our solar lamp will prove useful in all kinds of situations. The application range is without any limits. Our “A-Light S” can also serve as a substitute for oil lamps, for example, and is already succesfully used as such in developing countries.

The "A-Light S" is delivered fully assembled including the solar panel - of course packed in box made of eco-friendly paperboard. For young or old home constructers we certainly offer the “A-Light S”also as a do-it-yourself kit.



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