2021 The company was handed over to the 3 successors on 01/01/2021.
2020 Commissioning of a new highly automated 800 kN injection molding machine.
2019 Investment in two new measuring machines, tactile and optical.
2018 Purchase of another 5-axis machining center.
2017 Purchase of the first all-electric injection machine including handling system
2016 Commissioning of a laser system.
2016 Change of legal form to Ambros Huber GmbH & Co. KG
2015 Acquisition of a further robot system incl. injection molding machine.
2014 Purchase of a CNC Dispensing system.
2013 Acquisition of a 5-axis processing center.
2013 An additional 12,5 kWp photovoltaic plant was installed on the old corporate building.
2012 The company AH contributes to the energy turn with a 25 kWp photovoltaic system.
2011 The solar lamp "A-Light S" which was developed by AH especially for southern countries goes into series production.
2010 Successfully certified
2008 AH continues to grow. The old company building is reintegrated into the production process.
2007 In October, AH moves into the new company building.
2007 In February, the ground-breaking ceremony is held for the new company building.
2005 Completion of the plans for the new company building.
2004 The eldest son of Ambros Huber jun. completes his second apprenticeship (toolmaker) and passes his exam with excellent grades. AH has a staff of 30 highly-motivated employees.
2003 Ambros Huber sen. passes his well-positioned business on to his son Ambros Huber jun.
2001 AH proves that the company is committed to environmental protection: Cooling of the production environment using natural coolant with integrated heat recovery.
1999 The eldest son of Ambros Huber jun. completes his apprenticeship as a plastic process technician and passes his exam with excellent grades.
1998 Enlargement of the company building.
1993 AH receives the "Golden Q" quality seal awarded by BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH for the first time.
1992 AH enters the market of household appliances.
1984 AH acquires the first injection moulding machines.
1979 Ambros Huber jun. joins the company.
1972 The company moves into its own new company building.
1965 The company expands its offering to include mould construction. The first injection moulds are produced. AH becomes a plastic parts supplier.
1964 AH needs a bigger workshop and moves for the first time.
1963 The first two employees are hired. AH obtains the permission to take on mechanic apprentices.
1962 The company is founded by Ambros Huber sen. Its first specialization is mechanical engineering.